Thursday, July 4, 2013

Free Apps

Here's a word problem for you:

If Candice is super-cheap and never pays for apps, how does she acquire all kinds of apps on her iOS devices that cost anywhere from $0.99-$10.00 each?

Ready to check your answer?

Here it is: a little gem called Apps Gone Free. 

This app is free in The App Store.

I rarely enable push notifications on my device, but trust me: you'll want them enabled for this app.

Apps Gone Free scours The App Store daily, looking for temporarily free apps. When I first started using this app, I read somewhere that Apps Gone Free prides itself on featuring apps that are rarely or never free. {So you won't see the same apps featured every day, but you also won't see EVERY temporarily free app in The App Store.}

This thing has saved me a ton of money. I find educational apps, productivity apps, and everything in between.

There are lots of "free app finder" apps available, but right now, this is my favorite one. Try it if you'd like to get some free stuff for your Apple device!

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