Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stick Pick

One of my favorite ways to generate random student names is through Instant Classroom.

However, if you'd like to take a more mobile approach, there are apps that can do the job, too. A great options is Stick Pick.

The app costs $2.99. I rarely ever buy apps, but I got an iTunes gift card this summer when I upgraded my MacBook, so I thought I'd give Stick Pick a try.

The graphics mimic that of the traditional Popsicle-stick-in-a-can, but there are more options on this app than your old school sticks had. Watch this video by Stick Pick to see what I mean:

The app also has a blog that's run by the creator (and a teacher himself), Buzz Garwood. Click here to visit his blog.

If you're interested in downloading Stick Pick for yourself, click the button below:

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