Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yo Window

Yo Window is a weather app with really neat graphics and capabilities -- perfect for illustrating weather and seasons with the little ones.

The app is $1.99 in The App Store, but I snagged it for free when it was featured on Apps Gone Free one day.

Yo Window app icon, courtesy of the iTunes store

Launch the app and pick your city. I chose New York City for my demo:

Although the animation is technically a drawing/cartoon, it's a pretty realistic picture! If it's windy, things will blow around on the screen {like the flag on the bottom right}.

Even cooler: you can slide the green dot to the right and fast forward through time to see what the weather conditions will be through the day.

The picture on the screen changes with the weather conditions.

You can change the scene you see, as well.

I personally like the "village" scene, but the airport is nice, too.

Other options included:

I put in my own town and tested it with what I saw when I looked out the window, and I have to say: it's surprisingly accurate!

I think I might use Yo Window when I teach a kindergarten lesson over night v. day. If you could fast forward far enough, it would also be a cool visual to use when teaching about the seasons.

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