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Sunday, March 30, 2014


I used to use Animoto for Educators, but I received an e-mail last semester saying my free educator's account had expired and Animoto was "rethinking" its view on those free, premium educator memberships. Boo.

So I turned to Google to find another option.

I tried a few other websites before I finally settled on PhotoPeach.

Photo from the PhotoPeach website
At the moment, I think it's the best free program for creating photo slideshows. Here's why:
  • Sign up for FREE
  • Don't download anything -- all creations are made via the web
  • Add up to 30 photos to each slideshow
  • Choose from music provided by PhotoPeach or search YouTube for music to use
  • Add blank slides wherever you want --> add blocks of explanatory text this way
  • Reposition photos to appear in whichever order you prefer
  • Insert multiple choice quiz questions on any picture
  • Add captions to photos
  • Choose to keep your show private or make it public
  • Ability to embed your slideshow {I embedded it on my class blog}
  • Choose to display your show as a "story" or a "spiral" {click HERE to view the demo to see the difference}
  • Ability to make the show full screen
Of course, there are options to upgrade to a premium account {$3/month} or a premium educator account {$9/month+}. Each of those accounts come with other options, like the ability to download your slideshow your computer, manage a group of students' accounts, or upload your own music.

 Click HERE to view a demo slideshow made by PhotoPeach.

If you're interested in using PhotoPeach but aren't sure how to navigate your way through the website, here's a help page provided by the company that provides step-by-step instructions.