Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Seesaw: Teacher Navigation

I used Seesaw {the free ePortfolio tool} with my K-4 students last year, and it helped us make the Science Lab almost completely paperless, so it's no wonder I continue to rave about this tool! As a Seesaw Ambassador {look for me in the southwest section!}, I get constant updates about what the team is doing to improve their {already awesome} tool, so I was inspired to write a series of blog posts on Seesaw. Check back frequently over the new couple of weeks or follow me on Twitter to make sure you don't miss any of this series! 

This post is all about helping you, the teacher, navigate Seesaw.
Finding student work:
You have a few options about how to find student work when logged in from a teacher account. All of these options are available from the web version and via the app, but included screenshots are from the web version

Option 1: Feed view -- for viewing all students' work at once.
This is the default viewing option. Work appears in a"feed" of one piece of work under another. You can scroll through the work -- much like you would on Facebook or Instagram -- to see it all. If you ever leave feed view and need to get back to it, you can either click the book in the upper, right corner:

Or you can click on your name in the upper, left corner, click the class name, and then select "feed view" from the list:

Option 2: Student journal view -- for viewing work from one student only.
On the right side of the screen, you should see a list of all students' names. 

Select the student whose work you want to see:

Only that students' work will appear in the feed to the left. To go back to viewing all entries, just click "Everyone."

Option 3: Calendar view -- for viewing work from a specific date.
In the top, right corner {by where it says "get class code"}, there are two buttons like this:

Click the right one {that looks like a calendar} to quickly switch to calendar view. 

You can also click your name in the top, left corner, click the class's name, and click "calendar view."

Now you should see a monthly calendar. Use the arrows at the top to scroll through the months. On the web, you'll see the count of how many items were submitted on each day; the app only shows a bold calendar number to signify that work was turned in that day.

web view -- notice 10 items were submitted on September 26

Click the date of your choice to view more detail about which items were turned in that day:

Who do these teachers think they are, writing "hook 'em" and "wreck 'em" all over my test class?! It's "Go Pokes," y'all.  
Click on any of the thumbnails of student work to view it individually {this is where you be able to listen to any recordings or view any videos the student submitted}.

Option 4: Folder view -- for viewing work of a certain type. 
To view work in folders, you must already have folders set up {reviewed in the "getting started" post}. Then click on the folder icon next to "everyone" in your student list:

You'll see a screen that looks something like this, except your list will include the colors and names of all the folders you've implemented:

You can see that 10 items have been added to the blue folder.

Click a folder to view its contents. You'll know you're viewing content from a specific folder by looking at the breadcrumbs at the top your dashboard:

I'm viewing the blue folder in my test class

Option 5: Flagged work view -- for viewing work that you marked for review
Teachers can put a flag on any student submission. The flags are only seen by the teacher, so you can flag without worry of what a parent or student will think. For example, one time, I was listening after school to my kinder friends' recordings about flowers. I had shown a picture in class of a sunflower turning its head toward the sun as it grew. My kinder friend said in her recording, "Umm...Mrs. K. said sunflowers turn their head to the sun, so... I guess moonflowers turn their head to the moon." I flagged that project and made a mental note to talk to her about that later. ;) 

To view flagged work, find the folder icon next to "everyone" on the dashboard:

Then click "teacher flagged."

I haven't flagged any work in my test class yet.

Other Options
Manage your class by clicking on your name, the name of your class, and "manage class." There is a whole slew of other options there {that will be discussed in a later post}. 

Other post in this series:
  • Features: available 10.10.15 {what students can do, what parents can do, and what teachers can do}
  • Getting Started: available 10.11.15 {signing up, creating a class, classroom sign in vs. individual sign in, creating folders, helping students sign in}
  • Student Navigation: available 10.12.15 {icon glossary, submitting work, viewing work, copying and editing, feed and calendar view, liking and commenting}
  • Teacher Navigation: available 10.13.15{finding student work in the feed, individual student journal, calendar, folders, flagged work} 
  • Pushing Work to Students: available 10.14.15 {converting printed files to digital ones, sharing PDFs vs. image files, pushing work to everyone vs. pushing work to select students, AirDropping images}
  • Interacting with Student Work on Seesaw: available 10.15.15 {student work: dissected, editing people and folders, downloading and sharing items}
  • More Options: available 10.16.15 {managing class, students, parents, folders, other, and administrative details; student avatars; premium version}

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