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Friday, September 13, 2013

How to Create a QR Code Scavenger Hunt {the Easy Way}

Have you ever tried to make a QR code scavenger hunt? If you create one on your own, it can be a HUGE pain! Because the QR codes don't show information unless you scan them, I found myself re-scanning and re-naming codes all afternoon, trying to get my hunt "just right."

But making them has become a lot easier since I found QR Treasure Hunt Generator on the website.

How to Create a QR Code Scavenger Hunt {the Easy Way}:

1. Go to the homepage and see a page that looks like this:

2. Click the "get started" button, and go to a page like this:

3. Follow the directions to fill in the necessary forms. You must have at least 5 questions, but that's usually not a problem, since most scavenger hunts have way more than that. Tip: You do not have to write the number, as shown in the example. That's just a way to show you an example without having to think of scavenger hunt clues. :) The only thing you must remember is to put an asterisk (*) in between the question and answer, and to put each question/answer on a separate line.

Notice that you need to provide a password at the very bottom, too. 

4. Click "create the QR challenge" to proceed. You'll see a page with this at the top:

and a unique link; that link is for your QR hunt. You can use this link to go directly to your hunt on the web at any time. You can also put in your password and be able to edit the hunt if, let's say, you made a mistake or need to delete a step. 

When you first click on the link, you can view this "teacher notes" page. I personally find this very helpful. It tells you how to set up for your hunt and some other tips/ideas for making your hunt go smoothly. 

Notice these selections at the very top:

I won't go over all of these options, but I do want to review the top two. One thing you can do is view your questions and answers: 

Obviously, I just have test text in there, so there's not much to read right now. But if I went back and edited those, it would be really nice to be able to see exactly what each question asks and what the intended answer is without having to re-scan every QR code!

You can also view the codes for each of your questions individually. This could come in handy if you were going to print your codes for any reason. {One reason I might print codes is so that I can stagger groups of students at the stations. For instance, I might start group A on step 1, but then I might start group B on step 4, just to space things out a little. I want minimal congestion in my room, as I'm sure you do, too.}

If you go ahead and scan the code above, you'll see that it's the "welcome message" to this particular hunt. The website conveniently gives directions in the welcome message so that you don't have to do that part at all. When kids scan each subsequent code, they see a count at the top {1/5 or something} so they know how far along in the hunt they are.

My kids love QR codes and scavenger hunts, so I was pumped to find a tool that helps me combine the two more easily. Best of all? There's no registration, and it's FREE. Yippee! :)

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